Our Story

Our Story

Pasaraya Yang Yang Wholesale & Retail Sdn Bhd. was formerly known as Pasaraya Ekonomi Yang Yang before changes its name in year 2016. Pasaraya Ekonomi Yang Yang was established by Mr. Yong Mow Fong (The Founder) and wife Madam Law Leng Eng in 1989. Mr. Yong and wife Madam Law started their business with a humble beginning by going door to door and selling in night market.

Mr. Yong and Madam Law’s hard work paid off when they successfully opened their first branch in 1992 located at Sungai Besar, Selangor. With minimal capital, the business was operated manually without a computerized Point of Sales (POS system). Even though they faced many criticisms from family and friends, commenting that running businesses in Sungai Besar will end up closed down however it did not stop their determination to pursue further.

With a short period of 2 years, they expanded the Sungai Besar branch from one shop lot to two lots. Mr. Yong and Madam Law continue to open second branch at Tanjung Malim in 1994 and upgraded their operation from manual to POS system. Pasaraya Ekonomi Yang Yang continue to expand their business and open more branches in various locations such as Teluk Intan, Kuala Selangor, Meru, Air Tawar and Manjung, bringing their business nearer to its customers. Initially Pasaraya Ekonomi Yang Yang rented shop lots operating as warehouse and office before shifting to current warehouse in 2018.

Everything goes well until year 2015 when the Founder, Mr. Yong Mow Fong met with an accident while sourcing supplies in oversea. Mr. Yong Mow Fong has always been the pillar of the family and
his sudden mishap leads to both Mr. Yong’s son, Mr. Yong Jing Joo and Mr. Yong Jing Seng (better known respectively as JJ and Jackson) to stepped up and took over the business. In line with business expansion and rebranding for better shopping environment, Mr. Yong Jing Joo and Mr. Yong Jing Seng changes the company name to Pasaraya Yang Yang Wholesale & Retail Sdn Bhd in 2016. According to both brothers, they address special thanks and appreciation to their uncle for the help offered in running the business all these years. When they were young, their uncle takes care of the business while both parents travel overseas for product sourcing.

Both Mr. Yong Jing Joo and Mr. Yong Jing Seng faced many obstacles while running this business from theft to break-ins. Furthermore, Covid-19 pandemic affects business when retail clothing industry is not allowed to operate which eventually causes the business to suffer a tight cash flow. Despite difficulties faced, Pasaraya Yang Yang still stand firm on their mission, to offer super value products to its customers so that customers can obtain more value with less spent. Being a successful young entrepreneur, both Mr. Yong Jing Joo and Mr. Yong Jing Seng believe the key personality to success are RAS2D, which represents Reliable, Assertive, Self-motivated, Determined and Decisive.

In year 2020, Pasaraya Yang Yang start offering e-wallet facility in all its branches. In addition, an online store was set up in Shopee offering same the good prices as in-store for customer’s convenience. Pasaraya Yang Yang has recently engaged Business Management consultants in 2021 in order to further improve the business management process. Realizing the potential future of fashion industry, both Mr. Yong Jing Joo and Mr. Yong Jing Seng determined to expand their operation and purchased a 2 acres land to build warehouse with 3 storey office at Sungei Burong, Mukim Pancang Bedena estimated to complete in 2 years.

For the upcoming 3 years, Pasaraya Yang Yang aims to move into new warehouse with larger capacity to accommodate business expansion, including open more career opportunity for talented candidates to join the company. Pasaraya Yang Yang will introduce new website for convenient shopping and implement member loyalty programme to reward its customers. As for the upcoming 5 years, Mr. Yong Jing Joo and Mr. Yong Jing Seng aim to open until 80 branches nationwide after moving into new warehouse. In order to play its part in giving back to the society, the company plan to establish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign in near future.